Referee Program

The CYSA recreational referee program strives to introduce young people to the unique aspect of soccer - officiating and managing a game.

The program recruits, trains, and mentors young people (players and non-players alike) for refereeing the CYSA recreational games


There are two primary requirements of CYSA recreational referees:

If you are interested in becoming a referee for the CYSA recreational program, please complete the contact information form below and our Referee Director will contact you for next steps.

If you have any questions, or would like more information you can contact the Referee Director at

Referee Program Signup Sheet

If you would like to become a recreational referee, please let us know by completing the signup form here:

Referee Training

We have created a referee training manual in both online and PDF formats so that those interested in learning the referee role can review and refer to the training as needed.  

The online site is located here: 

The PDF is located here: 

Referee Education

In-person referee training sessions are usually held in August, so that there is plenty of time to take the online test.  We will reach out via email to all who registered with training session dates.

The online test is administered via, and the test (when available) can be found here: