Recreational Program


Uniforms: For those families who registered to receive a complete new uniform, we will be handing out those uniforms on the first game day, Saturday, September 10th. Please arrive an extra few minutes early to pick up your uniform. We will be distributing them at the Chariho Soccer snack shack at the fields. Uniforms will be sorted by name and ready to be handed out to you, please just be ready to provide your name. You can then wear your jersey shirt and socks over whatever you wore to the fields, it will not be an issue if you don't wear the shorts on the first game day.

Please email the Registrar or the Rec Director (emails are at the bottom of this post.) if you still have not heard from your coach.

Games start on Saturday, 9/10. Game schedules can be found HERE. The U4 program is held every Saturday at 9:00 am.

Picture day will be the second Saturday, September 17th. Team picture times schedule is still TBD, but is always held around the regular rec soccer time-frame (7:30 am-Noon).

Please ensure your player(s) have cleats, shin guards, water bottle, and uniform. We will have a table setup for cleat exchange (i.e. take a pair and/or leave a pair) every Saturday during game times. Rec uniform includes official reversible green/white CYSA shirt, black shorts, and black socks.

Also, please remember that players are not permitted to wear jewelry on the field. That includes stud earrings...they must be removed prior to the game.

U13-U16 teams: We are in the process of partnering with other local clubs so we're not just scrimmaging ourselves every week since most clubs can only put together one or two teams. In recent years we have partnered with only Westerly, but this year we will also have Exeter/West Greenwhich (EWG) to play against and maybe even Narragansett (TBD). All are rec teams only. U13-U16 coaches just got their rosters too, and should be reaching out soon. The schedule is still TBD while we finalize involvement and final teams, but game times are still Saturdays between 8am and noon, locations vary but half the games are home games (Ninigret). Your coaches will provide more information as we finalize it.

Parents, please step up to help your volunteer coaches. Everything from helping during practice, to helping on the sidelines during games, to coordinating possible team building activities and snacks (Orange slices or watermelon slices after a game are a great idea! Always check for allergies.). These kids are only able to have fun playing soccer every Saturday because of the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. Thank you!


We have open board positions as well as needing help with running the snack shack, or installing and removing sponsor signs on Saturday mornings, and we have volunteer contractor/business needs as well to help with restoring our snack shack and setting up a new storage shed. If you can help in any way, please email !!!

For general rec soccer questions, please email Karen at

For registration/roster/schedule questions specifically, please email me at

One more time, because it is never enough:

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers!!!

Have fun, everyone! See you on the fields!

Our Mission

CYSA Fall Recreational Soccer Program is open to children of all abilities. The focus of the program is to develop a love of the game through fun and skill development.


The recreational program focuses on attaining six primary goals:

  1. Provide a fun recreational activity for kids

  2. Teach kids the game of soccer

  3. Teach kids how to be part of a team

  4. Improve skills through practice and competition

  5. Build confidence and character

  6. Reinforce safe play and sportsmanship


CYSA requires that all players wear shin guards for all practices and games. If a player does not have shin guards, s/he will not be able to participate in games or practices.

All jewelry must be removed This includes necklaces and bracelets (including string/soft ones), ear rings, and any body piercing. The only exception is medical alert bracelets.

Although not required, soccer cleats are recommended because the fields can become muddy or slippery. Soccer cleats do not have a single cleat at the toe.

Please alert your child’s coach to any medical issues that your child may have.


Games are held on Saturday between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM at Ninigret Park in Charlestown. Games begin the Saturday after Labor Day and run into the beginning of November (exact end date depends on rain cancellations). There are No Games Columbus Day weekend or, to allow participation in tournaments or family vacation.

Games are scheduled one after the other so it is important that they start on time. Please be AT THE FIELD 15 MINUTES before game time. This will allow players to warm up and for coaches to get organized. The locations of the fields can be found on the Fields and Directions page.

In the event of rain cancellations, coaches will be notified as soon as possible. Coaches will in turn notify their players. Do NOT ASSUME there is no game just because it may be raining lightly; please come to the game unless you get a phone call. Coaches set there own practice schedule. Please tell the coach if your child will not be at a practice or game.


Soccer is a fast moving game with a unique combination of individual skills and team performance. Soccer is a non contact sport although collisions may occur. Players, except the goal keeper, can not intentionally touch the ball with their hands/arms.

Teams try to score by advancing the ball toward their opponent’s goal by passing and dribbling. Possession of the ball is an integral part of the game. Play is continuous. There are no time outs until the end of the quarter. Recreational or developmental soccer emphasizes small sided games in order to maximize players touches of the ball and increase game participation.

Under 4 and 6 teams (U4 & U6) play 3 v 3 (three players on field for each team), and do not use goal keepers. Quarters are 8 and 10 minutes respectively. Coaches are on the field to give guidance and act as referees.

U8 teams play 5 v 5, with goal keepers. Player begin using throw-ins. Quarters are 10 minutes. CYSA Referees are used.

U10 teams play 7 v 7 (or 6 v 6) with goal keepers. Off-side is introduced. Quarters are 12 minutes. CYSA Referees and Assistant Referees are used.

U12 teams play 8 v 8 with goal keepers. Halves are 30 minutes.

U14 teams play 8 v 8 with goal keepers. Halves are 35 minutes.


A parents/spectator’s role is to provide POSITIVE SUPPORT and cheering.

It’s the coach’s job to give directions, if needed. Many of the best coaches say the least during games.

Cheer for good soccer play and effort by both teams. Emphasize sportsmanship and fair play.

We stress fun and game fundamental development, over scoring.

Although we want children to play competitively on the field, the final score of the game is unimportant compared to the skills and behavior that is demonstrated.

Nobody should make negative comments toward players, coaches, referees, or board members.

Remember referees are learning to develop their skills, just like the players. They will make mistakes, just like the players do.

We all represent the Chariho Youth Soccer Association.

Bring family and friends to the games.


CYSA is an entirely volunteer organization.

We have a board of 13 people that divide league functions such as Registration, Coaching, Fundraising, Administration, Fields, and Finance.

Each year we need to replace members in various areas, so WE NEED YOU!

You don’t need to be in charge of an area, but just help out in the group effort that it takes to get the job done.

All are welcome to attend our monthly membership meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Even if you don’t want to be a board member, you can come and participate in the decision making process. Many hands make for light work!