Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My son/daughter decided not to play soccer. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are issued before a child is assigned to a team only. Once they are assigned, refunds are not issued. It is courteous to let us know that your child is not going to play either way. Please contact the director of registration if your child is not playing.

I am interested in sponsoring a team. How do I do that?

Contact a board member and they will direct you to the person in charge of that.

What equipment does my son/daughter need for soccer?

They need shin guards and soccer cleats. They will be provided a uniform shirt and socks by the league.

I was told my daughter was on a waiting list, would I need to send the payment in or wait till she is placed on a team?

Send in the payment as soon as possible to CYSA, PO Box 1207, Hope Valley, RI 02832 in order for your son/daughter to be placed on a team. Unpaid players are placed on a team AFTER payment is received.

Did you receive my registration?

If you completed the online registration, you are registered and can confirm by logging into your Gotsoccer account.

How do I register my son/daughter for soccer?

Click on the registration link on the website and follow the directions.

Recreational Program

Where are the practice fields?

Most practices are usually held at one of the elementary schools or at Crandall field. Practice fields are chosen by the coach.

What days are practices?

Practices are set by the individual coaches.

I have heard that some players have been contacted by their coach, but we have not, is there a problem?

Not necessarily, sometimes rosters go out when a coach is on vacation. The coach will contact their team when they are back in town. As long as you have paid, your child will be placed on a team. The only time placement is delayed is if you have not paid the registration fee. Children are placed on a team AFTER payment is received. If rosters have gone out and you have not been contacted within a week or two, then contact the director of registration.

How will I know what team my child will be on? When?

You will be contacted by your child’s coach when they have been assigned to a team.

Are there tryouts for the fall recreation season?


When do fall practices begin?

Practices begin in August at the coaches discretion.

When are fall games?

Games generally begin in the beginning of September and end the last weekend in October. Games are played on Saturday mornings.

When does registration for fall soccer open/close?

Registration for the fall season opens sometime near the end of April and closes the end of May. Check the website for announcements that registration has opened.

I have a special request for my son or daughter to be on a specific coaches team, can I do that?

Due to a large number of factors, special requests are unable to be honored. Thank you for your cooperation.

Competitive Program

What if I register my child as a Competitive player and I decide not to take them to any of the recreational games / practices?

One of the great opportunities of combining the two leagues is to give the recreational players an opportunity to play and learn at a higher level. If your child doesn’t participate in the recreational program, you would be affecting a lot more than just your own child. As a result it would have a negative ripple effect on the recreational league and recreational player development. The Director of Registration spends a lot of time making the teams equal and therefore competitive. If competitive kids do not support their recreational teams the teams would become lopsided, and those teams would be at a disadvantage. In addition the other children will have lost the chance to learn from the competitive kids and push themselves to become better players as well.

If my child plays both Competitive and Recreational in the Fall how many practices can I expect each week?

We have asked the coaches to limit practices to one for each team. So in theory your child would practice one day with the recreational team and one day with the competitive team.

If my child plays both Competitive and Recreational in the Fall how many games will there be each week?

CYSA recreational league takes place on Saturday mornings. The league will play both days on some weekends and only on Saturday on others (unless there are rain outs). The competitive teams usually only play once during the weekend.

What happens when scheduling conflicts occur during the season between the recreational and competitive games?

Since my child is playing Fall Competitive what happens when scheduling conflicts occur during the season between the recreational games and the competitive games. There is no doubt that conflicts will occur. The registrar will spread the competitive children out evenly across the league(s). As such, when a conflict in the schedule occurs ALL of the competitive players will be away at the competitive game and the recreational league teams ALL will be short those players and play with the recreational players only.

My child wants to play Fall Competitive. Why do they have to play in the Recreational League as well?

The Fall League has been traditionally a recreational time of the year for soccer. In 2008 CYSA voted to participate in the SuperLiga Fall Competitive Program at the U12 and U14 age levels (there was no U10 SuperLiga league available). The effect this had on the recreational league was that all of the U12 and U14 had to be coed to support the minimum number of teams required to have a league. In 2010 the CYSA Board of Directors voted to allow the U10 (Now a U10 SuperLiga league is available) to have one competitive team for both the boys and girls divisions. In order to maintain the number of teams in the girls/boys recreational league and not turn it into a coed division, the board mandated for only the U10 Competitive group that they must play in the recreational league as well. In 2010 the U12 and above competitive players have the option to play in the recreational league. In future years, it will be mandatory that all Fall Comp players play in the recreational league.

When are tryouts for the spring competitive season?

October. Check the website for specific dates.

When are tryouts for the winter indoor season?

September or October. Check the website for specific dates.

Are there tryouts for the fall competitive season?

Yes, tryouts are held in June.

When do spring practices start?

Practices begin indoors in February.

When do spring games start?


Referee Program

I want to referee but am not planning on playing so do I need to register or pay?

There is no fee to be a referee and in fact you get paid. You DO need to use the referee registration link to register as a referee if you are an adult.

I want to be a referee. How old do I have to be?

12 years old OR entering the 7th grade the fall you want to referee.

I would like to referee. What do I need to do?

Register as a referee if you are an adult. If you are also a player in 7th grade or older, contact the Director of Referee’s for further information. You must pass a referee exam in order to referee.

TOP Soccer (TOPS) Program

What is TOPS?

The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPS) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities. The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, who has a mental or physical disability. Our goal is to enable young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of the US Youth Soccer family.